Conspiracy to Murder – Multi handed trial of a significant group of males said to have been involved in a gun battle were several people were shot, including a mother and her young son

Conspiracy to Supply Controlled Drugs – 20 defendant trial involving a group of Eastern European males and females who the police claimed had taken over a significant control of the Manchester trade

Conspiracy to Manufacture Amphetamine – National Crime Agency investigation in the manufacture of near pure Amphetamine. In such a rare case, the quality of the drugs produced in the labs in Manchester, were so in demand due to its exceptional quality, that nearly all of the Amphetamine produced was exported outside of the UK

Murder – A Manchester gang war erupted resulting in multiple shootings and several murders. This particular offence was so sensitive to the public, the case had to be transferred away from Manchester to another Crown Court in the UK so as to avoid potential jury bias and infiltration.

Conspiracy to Cause Explosions – Multi defendant investigation into Manchester gangs using explosive devices to break into over 30 banks


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