Conspiracy to Commit VAT Fraud – Multimillion-pound investigation by HMR&C into a carousel fraud involving the import/export of motor cars to and from Ireland. The profits were then distributed through banks all over the UK

Conspiracy to Defraud – Highly complex £80 million-pound property and land fraud involving Her Majesties Land Revenue

Murder – Multi handed murder trial of a juvenile shot to death regarding a disagreement over the sale of a motor car

Conspiracy to Supply Machine Guns – 17 defendant trial of group of males seeking to arm themselves with the latest fully automatic weapons for a gang war

Murder – Battered wife syndrome defence. Female violently abused for years kills her boyfriend in response

Conspiracy to Import Controlled Drugs – National Crime Agency investigation into the importation of hundreds of kilograms of cocaine and the planned importation of 4 tons of cocaine

Conspiracy to Possess AK47’s and Plant Bombs – Major investigation into North West rival gangs seeking to eliminate each other through the use of deadly force. The ferocity of the conflict involved AK47 Kalashnikov army assault rifles and the use of military grade hand grenades. The evidence in the case was such, it involved over 1 million pages of prosecution evidence

Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs and Firearms – A conspiracy that involved drug mules criss crossing the UK supplying not only kilogram amounts of class A drugs, but also firearms to those drug dealers

Conspiracy to Supply Firearms – Multi handed trial lasting over 4 months. This case involved the discharge of Uzi submachine guns in broad daylight as well as one gun described as the most used criminally acquired firearm on the UK mainland

Murder – Multi handed murder trial involving a mob setting out armed with weapons to extract revenge in response to a low level theft

Conspiracy to Cause Explosions – 2-year combined investigation into a high skilled group using explosives to steals money from banks

Conspiracy to Import Cocaine – National Crime Agency investigation into the importation of over 600 kilograms of Cocaine

Conspiracy to Rob Banks – a 6-year investigation by the police into the robbery of over 17 banks

Conspiracy to supply Class A – National Crime Agency prosecution as a result of evidence gathered by the French authorities after hacking in to the EncroChat encryption system. This case centred around the large scale supply of submachines guns, military grade assault rifles and hundreds of kilograms of cocaine

Conspiracy to supply Class A – A joint  4 year investigation into money laundering and the supply of industrial levels of cocaine. The money accumulated from the sale of these drugs was then filtered through London banks after which it was transferred out of the UK in to banks in the Middle East. The police estimate over £80 million was transferred out the UK by the organised crime group

VAT Fraud – 13 defendant case prosecuted by HMRC in to a complex fraud organised to evade paying VAT on imported goods. The case took over 5 years to bring to Court and involved  nationals from 4 separate countries

Conspiracy to Supply over 500 hundreds of kilograms of heroin

Conspiracy to Import firearms. The National Crime Agency uncover a plan to import almost every military weapon used by the British infantry unit. The military grade weapons were intended to be sold to criminals to advance their enterprises

Conspiracy to Import Firearms and Explosive material – Lengthy Investigation by the National Crime Agency in to a network of people  in the North West of England who were importing in to the UK, military grade weapons and explosives

Conspiracy to Evade VAT -15 defendant trial in to a group of male and females with links to the Far East who set up an elaborate method of seeking to avoid paying VAT of goods imported in to the UK worth millions of pounds in to the UK

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