Insurance fraud is increasing both in sophistication of offences, in the value of fraudulent claims and the numbers of cases relating to it.

What is insurance fraud?

Under the Fraud Act 2006, insurance fraud is any act committed by an individual with the intent to fraudulently obtain payment from an insurer.  It encompasses both commercial and domestic insurance fraud and extends to suspected arson, staged theft and damage, and exaggerated damage for the purposes of making an insurance claim.

Insurance fraud can involve the motor trade and high performance cars and other vehicles, properties, yachts, high-value goods and so on.  Suspected arson, staged theft and deliberate or exaggerated damage caused to high value property or vehicles are typically associated with insurance fraud.

Example of insurance fraud include;

  • Deliberately causing damage, then making an insurance claim based on that damage

  • Falsifying facts to obtain payments

  • Exaggerating facts to inflate existing claims

  • Staging a false burglary to obtain money from the property insurer

  • Staged accidents involving motor vehicles, followed by claims against the victim’s motor insurer

Insurance fraud is complex and our fraud experts are highly experienced in working with other expert professionals where our clients’ needs require it.  This includes loss adjusters, forensic scientists, accountants, road traffic accident investigators and other investigators and independent experts.