The general belief is that clients’ money safe in the bank as the bank spends millions every year on security. Banks do indeed spend huge amounts of money on the latest computer programmes designed to secure the depositors money against fraudsters. However, even the banks computer security software is not infallible from people who the police say are looking to steal it

The police will say a search of the online dark web will often reveal for sale, thousands of bank account details and credit cards details for sale that have been stolen from banks by very clever criminal gangs. Groups and individuals are then buying these details and using them to effectively clone bank card or credit cards, and in doing so, steal depositors’ money from out of their accounts

Banking & Credit Card Fraud Allegations we are used to Defending

  • payments rather than cash payments for goods are now part of life. This has encouraged banking fraud by using criminals using cloned debit cards

  • Bank statements used to be 1 page long, now they are often more than 12 pages long due to the number of transactions used by debit cards. People order taxis, fast food, petrol, newspapers and almost everything using online payments. Some transactions are for hundreds of pounds, but more are for little more than £10.00. The police say criminals depend on people paying little attention to their bank statements. This is how a significant amount of fraud takes place

  • The police say there are a significant number of criminal gangs who are cloning debit cards which are then used to make small test withdrawals from the accounts of depositors by disguising these withdrawals as for instance, fast food or taxicab orders. The fraudster will do the same transaction every week and against thousands of account details they have purchased from other criminal groups off the dark web. The victim never realises they have been having money taken from their bank account for months and possibly years

Potter Derby lawyers have defended people accused of these types of offences. The evidence served by the prosecution is normally voluminous and requires considerable experience, skill and often hundreds of hours of dedicated preparation time by our lawyers to be able to properly defend such allegations and give a defendant the best opportunity to present our clients instructions before the Court.