Potter Derby Solicitors are a criminal defence firm who are regularly instructed to defend people in police stations and Courts throughout England and Wales. Evidence relating to financial crime is both comprehensive and sophisticated, only a small selection of criminal defence firms has the specialist expertise and ability to properly defend in these matters. Potter Derby is one of them. We work across a wide range of complex, sensitive and high value fraud, from “Ponzi” schemes, boiler room investment frauds, mortgage fraud, dark web transaction, crypto currency exchanges, corruption and bribery as well as many more. As members of the Fraud Lawyers Association we have immediate access to new legislation and regularly attend education seminars that discuss, challenge and respond to government consultations in respect of all matters relating to serious fraud. In addition here at Potter Derby, we have been recognised by the  LAA as having the expertise necessary to accept instructions to defend cases that are deemed to be of the highest complexity creating the largest volumes of evidence. These cases are referred to as  Very High Costs Case Contracting Panel (VHCC) cases.

You will see from the map on our Case History page that we regularly receive a wide range of instructions from around the country.  No matter where you live, from our offices in London and Merseyside we can represent you.

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